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Metallux SA is presenting new products at Sensor+Test in Nürnberg (10-12 May, Hall 5, booth 140).

By listening to customer observations, suggestions and requests, Metallux has developed and it is about to launch three new lines of products.


9mm D9mm C9mm B9mm A

9 mm diameter ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensor

The request for smaller dimensions brought us to develop a 9 mm diameter monolithic sensor.

Working between 10 and 50 bar, the sensor is highly customizable.

It can be provided as simple 96% Al2O3ceramic cell or in customized housing. In this case, signal conditioning with ratiometric output can be applied.


Aciaio C Acciaio B Acciaio AAcciaio D Acciaio E

18 mm diameter stainless steel piezoresistive pressure sensor

The possibility of having a sensor soldered to the housing allows for total lack of leaks. The stainless steel body ensure ruggedness and high burst pressure. The possibility of adding signal conditioning electronics (ratiometric, 4..20 mA current loop, digital I2C) dramatically expands the possible applications.

With also the possibility of customized housing, the Metallux SA steel sensor is a great asset for multiple heavy-duty applications between 10 and 400 bar.


Differenziale B Differenziale A

Wet-wet differential pressure sensor with signal conditioning

Operating from 0.5 to 20 bar differential, the Metallux SA wet-wet differential pressure sensor combines versatility and accuracy. The signal conditioning provides 0-10 V or 4..20 mA current loop output, making this sensor extremely useful in many markets and applications.

Last but not least, customization of sensor and housing is always available.